Mittwoch, Juni 24, 2009

Data collection 'European Business and Financial Publication 2009/2010'

How to reach Europe's Business Elite of over 600.000 in 27 countries with EBP European Business Press members 51 newspapers and magazines? This compendium gives you a first answer.

For most countries covered you get an overview of some economical data, a short overview about advertising spend and data on number and reach of this business elite via press publication (incl. non-member publications), basic media information on EBP's publication and their readership, as well as contact and representatives.

Sample page: Poland

'How to reach Europe' comes on paper, 174 pg. (nominal charge 50€)

More information / ordering via eMail (don't forget to tell the publisher Gerd / Mr. Bielenberg, why you should get this brochure for free) or via

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