Dienstag, Juni 30, 2009

Glam: Upcoming Twitter and Twitter-alike Powered Ad Network Apps

Among the GlamApps for site owners and Bloggers we might - not to far out - see some Twitter and Twitter alike powered application for some real-time advertising models. When TechCrunch learned about that, they asked Samir Arora (Glam Media) what it means and when Glam can / will provide some more details wrote:
With the launch of Tinker.com to help monetize “real-time” trends and events, Advertisers have been asking Glam to reach real-time stream users across multiple applications.

Unlike Social Network apps that live “inside” MySpace and Facebook, Twitter is revolutionizing the apps business by pioneering an open model- Glam sees this as the first mid and long tail of Social Apps, much like iPhone has done for mobile apps with a pay for apps model. Given Internet apps are free, except for a small “pro” apps upgrades, it is vital that we can figure out a monetization quickly. Given the audience and vertical targeting Glam has developed for content publishers and the trust with brand advertisers, Glam can bring the learning to the Twitterverse ...
more at TechCrunch

We wrote before about Media- and Advertising Networks here, and I wonder when Glam & Co discover the wealth of content 'advertisers' have, the platforms and network outlets and client relation they have established (and continuing to build) and the attitude and wishes of participants to enrich their relation and experience.

For the record (2009/06):
Arora mentioned that in US they have now over 1000 publishers and reaching 56 million unique users a month