Donnerstag, Juni 18, 2009

Harvard Study Finds Weaker Copyright Protection Has Benefited Society

via Ralph Sonntag and Michael Geist (more)

A new Harvard Business School working paper 'File Sharing and Copyright' by Felix Oberholzer-Gee and Koleman Strumpf raises (again) some important points for the discussion about file sharing, copyright, and the overall benefits to society.

From the findings

- no indicates that file sharing has discouraged creativity, just the opposite

- often downloaded songs do not represent a lost sale, mashups may increase the market for the original work, and the entertainment industry can steer up consumer attention

- file sharing may not reduce incentives to create, if the willingness to pay for "complements" increases as rising income from performances and author speaker suggest (see chart below)

'The Geography of File Sharing' (2007)
Source: Oberholzer-Gee and Strumpf (2007) - cut

'Source of Artist income 2002'
in Mio. USD (cut from a list of 35 artists)
Source: Connolly and Krueger (2006)

the 46 pg. paper includes a great collection of literature and studies on the subject

Harvard Business School working paper 'File Sharing and Copyright' (PDF)