Montag, Juni 01, 2009

Lucky you, living in Denver: Test of Home-Printed News

If you feel that it might be an advantage for the environment and sustainability that people don't print out what they can see and read on their screen, than MediaNews Group is going / testing the wrong way. Editor&Publisher reports that

- MediaNews Group is preparing to put its "Individuated News" personalized newspaper to the test in real homes in Denver next week.

- Subscribers will get home delivery of a printed paper, through home printers or portable devices, with content personalized to their demands and including hyper-targeted advertising and coupon offers.

- Subscribers supposed to buy the printer at a deep discount and pay a "modest" subscription fee, and the newspaper will reimburses subscribers for the consumable. Advertisers pay the newspaper for targeted ads.

- advertisers will pay for targeted ads 10 times print advertising rates ...

[for expected 300 printers in homes by August 2009]