Freitag, Juni 26, 2009

texterity: 2009 Digital Edition Reader Survey

Some findings:

- 90% of digital readers are “very satisfied” or “satisfied” with their digital edition
- 92% of digital edition readers read their issue within a week and over 52% read it immediately or the same day.
- Over 91% of all digital edition readers take one or more actions when reading advertisements or articles.
- 61% of digital readers have read 3 or 4 of the last four issues, similar to the rate for an “average” print reader.
- Top Reasons for Reading Digital: Environmental friendliness, ease of saving, and convenience of searching

Request (and than download) Survey-Results (31 pages, PDF)

About the survey:
- BPA Worldwide certified
- 33,784 responses from readers of digital magazine/newspapers
- from 164 publications representing 55 publishers of consumer, trade, professional, and association magazines and newspapers
- 2/3 trade/professional and 1/3 consumer readers
- Targeted to readers who have “read at least one digital publication” recently