Freitag, Juli 24, 2009

9th Forbes/Gartner C-Level Study: Internet Is Key

Some results (regarding media usage) from the Forbes Release: 'Preparing for Growth in the Current Economy'
(April / May 2009, more than 650 participants)

Most Important Medium for Business information

60 % Internet - what a lead -

15 % Newspaper
9 % Trade publications
6 % Magazines
5 % TV
2 % Radio

Executives spend per week an average of

15.9 hours on the Internet (excluding eMail)
10.3 hours on TV
6.9 hours on Radio
6.1 hours reading Newspapers
6.0 hours reading Magazines

Which medium do you access before going to work

58 % Internet
47 % Newspaper

SOURCE: Forbes Insights

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Are you a B2B Publisher? B2B Service Provider?
How much time can an Executive spend well and wisely with your offerings in news, databases, with applications and services?

'Preparing for Recovery' (PDF)

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