Mittwoch, Juli 29, 2009

AP Doesn’t Know Its Protection Tech Doesn’t Protect

hNews doesn't do the job as shield against unauthorized use of content. Cutting and pasting AP content will remove all underlying code ... more

"Nothing in copyright law requires a blogger or commenter to include the meta-tags if they use an excerpt in a blog post. In fact for a blogger to comply, they’ll have to do more than just cut and paste – they will have to view the source code on a newspaper’s site, search through the HTML and javascript to find the text of the story and its micro-formats. Once the thief has gone to this trouble the purloined story will call home to report where it is being re-printed, via a Web Bug url embedded in the story. Only then would The News Registry even be aware of this use."
The AP campaign is more less a Stop-Signal for Dummies and those who don't care, anyway.

via Martin Stabe