Montag, Juli 13, 2009

Content is King. But the Internet is a People's Republic

Some Republicans have some understanding for the Kings and Queens’s unwillingness and/or difficulties to adapt in "their own country", in which they used to rule (and influence) their government, their business people, merchants and their subjects.

The number and influence of loyal royalist is diminishing, the lurking hope they can putsch the King back to head the state again is unrealistic and so the King has to learn the new rules of the games ... will old Kings succeed to find a new, useful and appreciate role in the People's Republic?

The new Republic needs all the talents of content and content creation. Converts are welcomed!

Kommerzielles Workshopangebot:
Alleinstellende, verkaufende Angebote im Internet ... oder, wofür Ihre (präsumtiven) Kunden im Internet gerne Geld ausgeben würden.


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