Mittwoch, Juli 08, 2009

Keynoter Thomas Crampton: Why Newspaper Executives Will Not Like My Speech

at WAN-IFRA's Newsroom Summit in Kuala Lumpur today:

- In the two years since leaving my job as one of their globe-trotting newspaper correspondents, I have not once purchased a single copy of the International Herald Tribune.

- In my job as Asia-Pacific director of Digital Influence 360 at Ogilvy, I spend my time speaking with companies about how they no longer need to go through media.

- The downward slide of newspapers due to the Internet got steeper due to the economic crisis, but I think it will get steeper still.

- In the era of environmental concern, could you imagine inventing a business based on chewing up dead trees, spraying them with ink and then distributing them - on a daily basis - with a fleet of pollution spewing vehicles?
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