Montag, Juli 20, 2009

Newspapers Journalists & Exec's: How Useful (and Usable) is Your Site?

Mark Potts (Recovering Journalist) has great points for checking Newspaper Websites. He writes:
In fact, here's a little test that you can give your newspaper or broadcast site to find out how well it's serving the typical user. Try this list of tasks to see how your site measures up. I don't think you'll like what you see.

1. Without using search, find continuing, in-context coverage of a long-running local story.

2. Similarly, find a comprehensive package of information (even a collection of past stories) about a significant local icon or personality.

3. Locate all the coverage and information on the site about a specific local town.

4. Starting on a story page (not the home page) quickly find other key information, e.g. the day's top headlines or most-read stories.

and it goes on to
17. Using the site's search function, search for just about anything in the list above.

18. Now, try the same searches from Google.
Read, check and answers als question for your newspaper - if you want to add some or drop one or two, go ahead but do check them

John Temple applied Potts' test to the '
2009 Best News Web Site' Arizona Daily Star, Tucson's daily newspaper. See what he found out hier

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