Montag, Juli 06, 2009

Vendors Massive Investment in their Web presence, catches up with TV Advertising

Advertisers and marketer see their website and web outlets as the primary place where they want to talk with and sell to their existing and potential clients.

Quite a few companies have more readers on their own company web presence and outlets as media, offering them to advertise in their paper or websites. And certainly many of them, they have more valid and useful data on their users as well.

From a recent study by Outsell, Inc. 'Annual Advertising and Marketing Study 2009' we understand that (in April 2009, more than 1200 advertisers and marketer in US, UK) plan to spend roughly the them amount of money they spend for TV Advertising (66 Billion USD) on their own web presence (65 Billion USD) and much more they plan spend for newspaper advertising (42 Billion USD) in 2009.

And for B2B advertisers investing in their web presence represents 59.1 % for small and 51.1 % for large companies of total online budgets (reuters)

We also know from a different studies by Enquiro that B2B buyers credit vendors website higher importance and influence in buying decisions than any other means offline and online ...

And btw., this tendency is not restricted to B2B only.

If you look at the publishers application shop (for sales) and on vendors website and portal you hardly find media companies providing relevant, innovative or breakthrough application, services and content, supporting the vendor interest to service and entertain his existing and potential clients.