Donnerstag, August 06, 2009

GlobalSpec: Trends in Industrial Marketing 2009

GlobalSpec asked 555 Marketers from the Manufacturing Industry: How they are Marketing Today ... and of course the results support the role and services of GlobalSpec, but beside that, I find some interesting data. Here some highlights from the responses published, for 2009 (Results from 2008)

Primary Marketing Goal in the Manufacturing Industry

44 % stated that customer acquisition is their primary marketing goal (43 %)
29 % stated that lead generation is their primary marketing goal (31 %)
13 % stated that customer retention is their primary marketing goal (5 %)
11 % stated that brand awareness is their primary marketing goal (21 %)

The Top Source of Leads is the Companies Website

followed by Tradeshows (48 %), GlobalSpec (29 %), eMail Marketing (24 %).

Share of Budget Spend Online

29% will spend more than 50% of their 2009 marketing budget online. 48% will spend more than one-third online. 48 % state that online marketing share on total budget will increase.

Want a full copy of the report (PDF, after registration)

These findings are not fare off from what is going on in many other branches. So I can not understand why so many B2B Service Provider / Publisher

- do not sell their offers ability to help in customer acquisition and retention
- have such lousy offers for marketers wants, shaky measurements and abysmal reporting in place
- do so little to make the B2B Company Website an even greater success