Samstag, August 29, 2009

Loic Le Meur: Marketing, PR and Advertising sucks, so what

Loic (seesmic) was running around with this presentation for quite some month:

If you haven't watched the presentation yet, this is you chance!

In a post yesterday Loic summons up "Why Marketing, PR and Advertising suck for me [him]"

- he - like many others - does not trust any advertising message or press release, they are generally fake

- he - like many others - does not trust (many) people working as so-called PR experts

- he thinks, online, if the product / service is good, you simply do not need them

Than he explains why Social Media, Communities and Word of Mouth are a valid and better alternative, where you can / just need to [and gives an abridged lesson on Social Media and Social Media Marketing]

- find an empty space
- ship as soon / early as you can
- listen to every single piece of feedback you get
- answer especially if it's negative
- use all the tools available to filter [find] the feedback
- create [Commit yourself to] a long-term community

and so on / more