Samstag, August 08, 2009

Some Obstacles In The Way Ahead for B2B Service Provider / Publisher Business

I just started this list [which is, by now means, complete yet] not to frighten the participants of our workshop next week in Beijing, but to make them think and to find value propositions which are in line with their and my findings of obstacles in the way

- the majority of inquiries in the Internet start with search on general-purpose search engines
- today it is much easier for any B2B company to publish the most relevant content on the Web and do great content marketing and professional SEO
- today, many B2B companies spend more money on their Web-presence than on any other single marketing or advertising means
- B2B companies think that their Website is the best place to entertain and retain their customers on the Web
- B2B companies think that leads generated on their website are the best
- many B2B companies have (or could have) more targeted visitor on their site
- B2B companies reduce spending on brand advertising and increase investment for acquisition, leads and retention

(Please add your own … please delete irrelevant statements)

Our task will be to find for each relevant obstacle we establish, three or more solutions how to turn them into a value proposition their clients can not resist to buy in.