Sonntag, September 27, 2009

ABC-Study: US Publishers Preparing for the Burgeoning Mobile Market

A few fact what publisher do already, what publishers expect: More

More than half of all participants state, that their Websites are ready for mobile viewing / usage.

Mobile Business - with a multi-stream revenue model, most likely 

Mobile Advertising categories - the winners

Mobile Application for Smart phones

Front-runners are Newspaper, advanced Consumer Magazine, B2B Publication are far behind. The figures are absolute numbers in this survey, knowing the numbers of Newspapers vs. B2B Publisher, we could say B2B hasn't even started yet. 56 % of participants plan to start with smart phone applications within the next 24 months. All together participants belief that smart phones (51%) are more important than eReaders (42%)

all figures and graphs from the ABC access paper

Get the (16 pages, PDF) executive summary here