Mittwoch, September 02, 2009

comScore: About the Changing Demographics of Twitter

First we (old people 35plus) assumed that only grown-up, mature people can blog seriously, meaningful for others. Than we found that 'digital natives' were running and adapting so fast through Social Media that some of us got breathless competing.

Than we "invented" Twitter and made a big fuzz out of something, what seems so useless in the real live and communication of digital natives ... and Puh, finally we have something young people don't adapt, don't care about. And now it seems, after all the Digital Native adopt (and chance) Twitter like new figures from comScore suggest:

Share of Twitter User - Age Group

Growth of Twitter User by Age group

Users in Numbers -by Age groups

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Nachtrag - dazu passend auf
Die Jugendzeitschrift "Bravo" stürmt die Medien-Twittercharts

Und das klingt dann bei einem Digital Native so:
um ehrlich zu sein, finde ich twitter ist sehr komisch zu händeln, irgendwie komm ich damit nicht so richtig zurecht bis jetzt, ich muss da auf jedenfall mal dran bleiben und mich da durch kämpfen ...