Montag, September 28, 2009

Driving Customer Engagement and Sales with Social Media

According to a Community and Social Media Study (US) , from the e-tailing group 'five out of ten social media tools have been adopted by more than 50% percent of brands and retailers', with the Facebook Fan Page leading the way at 86%. In addition, the study found three-fourths of the survey respondents feel brands have accelerated their use of, and commitment to, community and social media in the past six months ... more

From the results:

The study also found the primary goal for adopting social media was:

39 % Customer engagement
30 % Mobilizing advocates to drive "word of mouth"
21 % Increasing brand loyalty

The top three concerns of marketers and merchandisers related to Social Media are

- Brand degradation fear - "people can trash my products in front of large audiences"?
- Competence fear - "I am using outdated marketing/merchandising techniques"?
- Competitive fear - "customer's inclination to leave their site to find a more socially-engaging site"

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