Montag, September 14, 2009

Gartner's Media Industry Hype-Cycle 2009

Brassmedia  berichtet über die Trends der Media Industrie in der Wachstumsphase, am Höhepunkt und in der Abschwung des Hypes:

"On the rise
Socialcasting, Media Discovery and Recommendation Engines, Rich-Media Search Technologies, Social Media Marketing Platforms and Over-the-Top Set-Top Boxes.

At the peak
Internet TV, Portable Flash Media for Content Distribution, Videoblogging, Social Media, E-Book Readers, Online Video Publishing Platform Providers, Web 2.0 Distribution, Digital Warehousing for Publishers and Microblogging.

Sliding into the trough
Mobile Advertising, Network DVR, Online Video, Blu-ray, Mobile Ticketing, Consumer-Generated Media, Intellectual Property Rights and Royalties Management Software, IPTV, Legitimate P2P, Mobile TV Broadcasting, Mobile Search, Consumer Content Creation Tools, Game Consoles as Media Hubs and Consumer Digital Rights Management."

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Gartner's Media Industry Hype-Cycle 2009