Mittwoch, September 02, 2009

Top 10 Lies Newspaper Execs are Telling Themselves

or Self-deception works only temporary, but will not change the world around you

by Judy Sims on SimsBlog

No. 1: We can manage this disruption from within an integrated organization

No. 2: Print advertising reps can sell online ads too [without brain washing and reeducation]

No. 3: This Aggregators are killing my business

No. 4: We can re-create scarcity by putting up pay walls

No. 5: Our readers paid for news in the past, they will again [Again? Will they?]

No. 6: There will never be enough online revenue to support our newsroom [and existing cost structural] Not a lie, actually!

No. 7: No one will ever cover crime/health/city hall/xy the [brilliant] way we do

No. 8: Our readers can’t be trusted / they basically are [retarded suckling /] idiots/they are assholes

No. 9 Democracy will collapse without us

No. 10: I can compete with the best digital leaders/thinkers/creators in the world without becoming an active member of the online community. 

Merciless, as @jayrosen_nyu finds, enjoy reading, not only for newspaper execs  here

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