Mittwoch, November 11, 2009

Implementing a B2B Content Strategy: Consider How

By Valerian Maltoni on ConversationAgent

Why does Valerian say, she wrote the post with a focus (unfocused) on B2B Content Marketer? I don't know, the advice applies to any story-writing, story-telling person on earth [and in heaven]. But maybe, she wants to remind B2B that even B2B is a people business!?

Valerian passes along the advice of Dan Heath and Chip Heath 'Made to Stick' summarized [Book Summary by Johann D'Haeseleer]

via lucianop more Book Summary from lucianop at Litemind

and adds some advise on what, where and how to write; characters, engagement and interaction and finally how to get the story to [into the heart of] the [B2B] people ... read her story / more

Can you imagine how most of our B2B Content Marketer Stories would look like on a mind-map like this?