Donnerstag, November 19, 2009

The Real Successor of Print is Multi-Format, Multi-Channel

According to the Forrester Preport 'Publishers Need Multi-Channel Subscription Models' there is no single channel and format which would take over and dominate when a (print) publication, the interviewee reads, would not be longer available in print. The result:

37 % would prefer to access the content on a Website
14 % via Mobile phones
11 % via Notebooks and Netbooks
10 % via eMail as PDF (and only)
3% via eReaders like Amazon Kindle

44 % via ... none of this (would be the preferred method)

so, not exactly surprising to publisher listening to their customers, you need a multi-channel publishing strategy and let people make their choice based on device available, time of the day and situation.

Paid Content

In the series of Forrester Research 'Media Meltdown' once again the asked about the willingness to pay and preference of model. For the 20 % willing to pay subscription model (across all content and channels) leads

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