Mittwoch, November 25, 2009

What if, the Newspaper Onlineportal is Store and you go there to shop for News

as I twittered already this morning (07:00 a.m. via TweetDeck) @hemartin

Danny Sullivan weights Rupert (Murdoch) Argument 'Visitors are worthless'. Maybe newspapers just doing a terrible job 'monetizing'

Danny tells that story on Daggle ...  what happend when Google sends people to a news store:

"At the store, the news exec owner greets visitors by asking them what the hell they want. Perplexed, they visitors say they heard about these stories and wanted to know more. The exec shouts at them. “Get the hell out of my store, you freeloader! This is for members-only. We don’t need riff-raff like you in here.”

Recommended reading

In my consulting business, I often have to check news portals, magazine portals and I often wounder what the hell should people buy here, why are the digital shelves are so empty (and additional often behind the curtains).