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Donnerstag, Dezember 17, 2009

115 Magazine and Media Predictions for 2010

As every year, Foliomag collected "115 Magazine and Media Predictions for 2010" from magazine/media industry professionals—publishers, editors, dealmakers, bloggers.

Some quotes:
Paul Armstrong
Pay walls will continue to rise, rise, rise and traffic will fall, fall, fall. More trade pubs will adopt as will those with established bases but those without will continue free and see surges in traffic.

Kirk Cheyfitz
Late in the year, one major magazine ... will wake from the publishing industry’s self-induced coma and re-invent itself as a content marketing agency specializing in reaching the niche audience that reads the magazine. From then on, that lone magazine will make tons of money creating content for brand marketers—the kind of valuable entertaining, informative content that is taking the place of advertising.

Dave Iannone
2010 will finally be the year publishers, editors and sales reps fully realize that their magazine is no longer their brand—it's just one product within their brand. Likewise, if the magazine is all their brand has, it may be their last year in business.

The 'home page' of a magazine's Web site is going to become less and less important ...

Chris McMurry
Corporate media will supplant traditional media as the leading information source for consumers.

Joe Pulizzi
Someone will launch the first online magazine through LinkedIn.

Alison Tocci
Throughout 2010, we'll see two types of media people: those who embrace change and reinvent, and those who dig in and try to wait out the recession hoping for a return to "normal." Both will have to fight through a flat year, but the former will ultimately survive and thrive.

Tony Silber
Many companies will find new ways to monetize their markets beyond advertising. These will include enhanced market education, membership-based resource centers, research and market intelligence, lead generation services and e-media products with multimedia features and measurability

Jim Spanfeller
Web 2.0 ideas will give way to Web 3.0 which is fundamentally the joining of content with social tools.

Foliomag: The Industry (r)evolution will continue ... here and here (cont.)