Montag, Dezember 14, 2009

Seven Predictions for 2010 on Advertising & Marketing

by eMarketer’s CEO Geoff Ramsey

1. During 2010, as US ad budgets crack open just a little, look for an accelerated migration of ad dollars from traditional to digital media
2. Even post-recession, aggregate media dollars will fail to return to former levels
3. While media dollars have imploded, media consumption will continue to explode
4. Advertising will support less and less of the load for content and entertainment
5. Advertising on social networks will never attract a large share of marketers’ ad dollars
6. Marketers will be increasingly willing to trade off reach for deeper engagement
7. The classic interruption/disruption model of advertising, whereby marketers insert unwanted, usually irrelevant ads as a price the consumer must pay to view desired content, will erode, if not fade away

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Sometimes, we are a behind US [e.g. recovery, migration to digital & mobile marketing] ... and social networks, imho, are important and great place to meet with your existing and future clients, leran from them, engage with them and their needs and wants. Not a place to spend big money in ad dollars, but a place to invest!