Donnerstag, Februar 18, 2010

The Netsize Guide 2010 Mobile Mobile Renaissance

A wealth of information and data shared and to be shared

Written by Peggy Anne Salz @msearchgroove - Founder, Chief Analyst, Executive of MSearchGrove

From the announcement:
The Netsize Guide features:
- 28 interviews with industry senior executives at leading companies including EmFinders, Evernote, Flirtomatic, GeoVector, GetJar, Havas Digital Mobile, Layar, Marks & Spencers, NearbyNow, Netsize, Nokia NAVTEQ, PayPal Mobile, Scanbuy, SFR, Sony Ericsson, Sony Music Entertainment, UGC, Universal McCann; with analysts and consultants from comScore, Informa Telecoms & Media, Dray & Associates, Innopay, Memodia, and VisionMobile; and with industry associations including Bundesverband Digitale Wirtschaft, Internet Advertising Bureau, Mobile Entertainment Forum, and Mobile Marketing Association.
- Results from a worldwide survey of more than 1,000 mobile communications industry professionals from 67 countries

- Mobile telecommunications data covering 41 countries
 Get your copy here at Industry report as PDF (F.O.C.)

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