Samstag, Februar 06, 2010

New Business Models for News Project: Local Advertising Sales (at CUNY)

What ad sales people "hear" - is it more than wishful thinking in a brainstorm atmosphere?

The BuzzMachine Jeff Jarvis posted on a roundtable held at CUNY Graduated School of Journalism with ad salespeople from hyperlocals to newspapers as part (or final) in the 'New Business Models for News Project' founded by Knight Foundation (... more)

Let me pick some ideas, which I think could / should be worked on:

- We don’t sell media (ads, banner + buttons, SMS, MMS) -
but services to reach out to new customers, get the message to existing customers;
but education and services to help them (to understand) and utilize the new and changing landscape of Internet, Mobile and (Social) Digital Media

- whether you are a newspaper or a hyperlocal blog (or something else) you must be a voice, an influencer, a "useful", "caring" citizen or institution - servicing that community

- prepare / participate in an ad sales network and advertising tools serving any "caring" entity and outlets

- educate business, agencies, ...

- make this such an media and ad network and tools accessible to business, non-business, ...

- there is much more than selling ads, it is selling less advertising ...

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