Dienstag, März 02, 2010

2010: The New News Consum Pattern (USA)

As the new PEW report (Periode Dec 28 - Jan 19) suggest, the Internet is now the third most popular news platform, behind local television news and national television news and has surpassed newspapers, radio, magazines in popularity.

... of Americans ...
92 % use multiple platform to get news on a typical day
78 % get news from a local TV station
73 % get news from a national network or cable TV station
61 % get some kind of news online
59 % get news from a combination of online and offline sources on a typical day
54 % listen to a radio news program at home or in the car
50 % read news in a local newspaper
46 % get news from four to six media platforms on a typical day
37 % Internet user have contributed to news, e.g. comments, sharing links, tagging, postings
25 % commenting on a news story
17 % posting a link on a social networking site
11 % tagging content
9 % creating their own original news material or opinion piece
3 % Tweeting about news
33 % cell phone owners access news (also) on their cell phones
26 % get news about the weather
25 % get news and current events
18 % use an application for news content
16 % get news on Sports
13 % get news on traffic info
12 % get news on financial info
11 % get news via emails and text messages
28 % Internet user have customized their Webpage to include news 
17 % read news in a national newspaper such as the New York Times or USA Today.

only 7 % get their news from a single media platform on a typical day

via / more Journalism.org - Pew Research Center's Project for Excellence in Journalism

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