Sonntag, März 14, 2010

FIPP: Innovations in Magazines Report 2010 World Report is now available

This 100 pg. Report (in print and digital format) gives you a great overview and lots of ideas on many innovative initiatives to increase magazine reach, relevance, revenue, and readership on a global scale

Case studies incl.

- Augmented reality, 2D tags, video
- Online payment models
- Tablets, eReaders and eZines
- Reality TV, gaming, social media, blogazines, magazines as curators
- Paper made from stone, magazines on a t-shirt, on a Frisbee or in a can, scented pages

Content table:

PROFILE Jack Griffin: portrait of success.
TABLETS New platform offers unprecedented opportunities.
2D TAGS Point your phone, snap a picture, watch a video, buy something.
MAG TV Magazine TV station.
PAPER PREMIUM Flow magazine brings back the pleasure of paper.
EMBEDDED VIDEO Video in print pages.
REALITY MAGS keep venerable title ageless.
GAMING Explore tombs, save the world with your magazine.
VERTICAL BRANDING Singular focus Hungarian magazine.
MOBILE Mobile platforms magazines.
BRAND INTEGRATION One recipe for success.
SINGLE-COPY/NEWSSTAND Magazine retailing.
DISTRIBUTION Digital content.
GREEN INITIATIVES Can you be more green and profitable?
FUSION JOURNALISM Blending the disparate.
CONTENT IS KING Social media is not the magic bullet.
COVERS Laws for perfect covers.
ADVERTISING Cover ads breaking a taboo.
EZINES What print publications only dream about.
BLOGAZINES Attracting the female reader.
TEENS Online strategy.
DIGITAL CONTENT SALES Online paying models.
MULTI-PLATFORM BRANDING BBC’s “good food” brand.
EDITORS AS CURATORS Content from cyberspace.
CUSTOMISATION Personalization.
SOCIAL MEDIA Go to them.
ODD MAGS Wacky formats.
MAGTWEETS Information bytes.

The study has been prepared by Juan Señor and John Wilpers at Innovation Media Consulting Group on behalf of FIPP.

The Report 'Innovations in Magazines 2010' can be ordered on paper or ePaper at Website. If you want additional information about the report you can eMail Helen Bland at helen (at)

Btw., Innovation Media Consulting also prepared the "Innovations in Newspapers World Report' for/with WAN.