Donnerstag, März 25, 2010

FIPP World Magazine Trends 2009/2010 | Asia - Pacific

Following up on post FIPP World Magazine Trends 2009/2010 Out , here the list of countries covered in this great collection

- Australia
- China
- China Taiwan
- Japan
- South Korea
- Thailand
- Vietnam

Of course the development in each country is different, but it is not and will not be a heaven for advertising based print publishing. The decline in highly saturated markets like Japan offsets moderated growth in countries like China, India and Vietnam. Let me quote from the summary on Magazine Advertising in the region:

"In the region as a whole, the magazine market's share of total advertising spend is in decline. Its share has fallen from 8.2 % in year 2000 to 6.8 % in 2008 and is expected to fall further to 5.0% in 2011 ..."

If you need a good overview on this countries, want to now about the publishers, titles, ad spending, circulation of leading titles you should order your copy of the FIPP World Magazine Trends 2009/2010 at FIPP's Website

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