Mittwoch, März 31, 2010

The Mediascope Europe 2010 - Initial Findings -

In its 7th year now including 15 markets, Mediascope Europe forms a unique benchmark for the evolution of consumer media use and online behaviour.

Some Key findings:

- 279m or 54% (of total 521m) 16+ year old people across 15 European markets surveyed use the internet "in a typical week"

- 53% of these 279m internet users now go online every single day

- Europeans are spending more time on ‘internet-on-the-move’ (6,4 hours a week) compared to reading newspapers (4,8 hours) or magazines (4,1 hours).

- The mobile web is growing rapidly, 71 million Europeans browse the mobile internet in a typical week with almost an hour a day actively spent going online via their mobile (6.4 hours per week) and it is the younger generation of early adopters that is largely driving this increase with almost a quarter (24%) of 16-24 year old internet users and 21% of online 25-34 year olds already using the mobile internet
Hours spent on mobile internet each week (Top 5 country)

-- Poland 10,3 hours
-- Italy 7,9 hours
-- Belgium 7,7 hours
-- Portugal 7,7 hours
-- Russia 7,1 hours
- The Internet is a popular source of entertainment. 25% of Europeans gaming or listening to the radio online, and 32% watching films, TV or video clips online at least once a month.

- ‘Word of Web’ continues to play a central role in communications. 71% of European Internet users stating that they stay in touch with friends and relatives more as a result of the internet. In addition 45% communicate via social networks and 4 in 10 use instant messanger to share updates and opinions with friends and family

- Media convergence is on the rise with the research revealing that 36% of European use the internet and TV simultaneously. 46% of European households already own at least one laptop and 121 million Europeans, that is 52%, use wireless broadband

- This year the Mediascope Europe study has been extended to Poland, Portugal, Russia, Switzerland and Turkey. While these markets all display very different characteristics and are at varying stages of internet development, one trend that stands out is the speed of mobile internet growth, in Turkey there are more mobile internet users than people that use the internet via PC (21% vs. 20%)

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