Sonntag, Mai 09, 2010

The Vogel Story 1993 + 1997 (Video) - archived on YouTube

Finally, today I managed to digitize and crop the last two Videoclips to YouTube. All was digitized from VHS Video, so the quality is not great but decent

Vogel Story 1993 Part 1 -English-
Vogel Story 1993 Part 2 -English-

Vogel Media Group Corporate Video from 1993 - produced by TV Touring Würzburg (C) Vogel Media Group, Würzburg - due to the 10 minutes limit of YouTube in two parts

Vogel Story 1993 Teil 1 -Deutsch-
Vogel Story 1993 Teil 2 -Deutsch-

Vogel Verlag, Würzburg Unternehmensvideo (1993) - produziert von TV Touring Würzburg (C) Vogel Media Group, Würzburg - getrennt in 2 Teilen wg. des 10 Min. Limits von YouTube

Vogel Story 1997 (about) Vogel Media Group - English -

From 1993 to 1998 Vogel Media Group was building up a strong international presence in CEE, SEE and some countries in Asia (e.g. China, India and Indonesia) . This short Video was produced by TV-touring, Würzburg for Vogel Media Group, headquartered in Würzburg, Germany. (C) Vogel Media Group, Würzburg

If anyone has a German version of the last Video please let me know.