Sonntag, Juni 27, 2010

South Africa: Magazine + Advertising Market - a quick glance

During my time as publisher of Vogel Media International I had several contacts with South African publisher discussing about syndication and licensing. It didn't work out for CHIP Magazine and for MM Industrial magazine it was not developing the way my colleges from Vogel Business Media had hopped.

As this days with the 2010 FIFA World Cup many of us look towards South Africa, I thought I should check and share some actual data on SA magazine and advertising market on this Blog.

Republic of South Africa

Capital: Pretoria
Population: about 49,3 Million
Official Languages: Afrikaans (No. 3), English (No. 6), Ndebele, Northern Sotho (No. 4), Sotho, Swazi, Tswana (No. 5), Tsonga, Venda, Xhosa (No. 2.) and Zulu (No.1).
Internet TLD: .za

Currency: ZAR (Rand)
GDP PPP: 505,2 bil USD
GDP PPP: per capita 10,243 USD

Of course South Africa's media landscape is different and I will show this - as one example - based on advertising spend (ZenithOptimedia) compared with Germany. TV (54 % vs. 21 % share) and Radio play a much more important role, Magazines (7.6 % vs. 18.8 %) and Newspaper share is fare below then in Germany.

Advertising Expenditure by Category

Source: ZenithOptimedia

Major Consumer Magazines Publishers

Avusa Media
Associated Magazines
Ramsay, Son & Parker
Condè Nast
Touchline Media
Uppercase Media
8 Ink Media
New Media Publisher
Alchemy Publishing
Intelligence Publishing
Panorama Publishing

ABC South Africa controls (1 - 9 /2009)

212 Consumer magazines
173 B2B magazines
  20 Free magazines

Distribution Structure (Consumer)

Retail 73 %
Subscription 12 %
Free 15 %

Source: FIPP World Magazine Trends 2009/2010

Contact in South Africa
Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa (MPASA)

Contact: Melony Boucher, General Manager
E-Mail :

Postal Address
Magazine Publishers Association of South Africa
PO Box 47184
Parklands, 2121
Johannesburg, South Africa