Dienstag, Juni 15, 2010

Study: How Does Video Advertising Perform on Facebook?

TubeMogul looked at how video advertising performs on the social network. They analysed 25 major video advertising campaigns that ran identical videos within five types of ad units on Facebook:

- in-application display units
- sponsored video ads that appear on the home page
- interstitials in games and apps
- videos users watch in games in exchange for earning virtual currency; and
- promo videos uploaded to Facebook fan pages

an compared them to click-to-play video ad units on publisher sites by on resulting cost, viewing-time and other metrics.

Highlights according to a mediapost article by Mark Walsh
-Facebook ad units have 5.40% to 9.43% higher completion rates
-3 /4 of Facebook ad units sampled had a lower cost per view
-Within Facebook, people spent the most time watching the video ads to earn virtual currency

via / more at mediapost.com