Samstag, Juli 24, 2010

Afterthoughts on Flipboard: A Social Newsreader for iPads

Reading what Friends on Facebook, Twitter & Co recommend, that might be fun ... If you have the right professional friends doing the "editing" for you matching your test, interest and standards today (and e.g. not you college days). But without the editing and composing it won't be a "Magazine" or "Magazine surrogate".

And for the copyright owner, for the publisher? It might be a cash cow ... if Flipboard / Flipboard user pay for syndication. Actually, I haven't read anything about how Flipboard wants to deal with copyrighted material selected by friends but collected and delivered by Flipboard.


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The only part on so many enthusiastic reports Flipboards Solution received, I agree completely:
Why didn’t publisher invent the Flipboard and made it part of their service to their customers / users?