Montag, Juli 12, 2010

Analysis: Interesting Data on 'Productivity' of Editorial and 'Profitability' of Newspaper

by Frédéric Filloux 'Too Many Journalist?' Comparing France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Sweden, UK (Japan and USA).

The No. of Journalist working for a Newspaper does not define the Quality

Productivity of Journos depends more on market density and concentration

To produce a million copies per day, it takes

… 414 journalists in Japan, a record high dense market in which the average daily sells almost 500,000 copies

… but 1600 in Sweden and Finland where a daily sells typically 40,000 copies

…and 1122 in the US where, on average, a daily sells 34,000 copies

The profitability relies more in workforce adjustment, than on subsidies

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