Dienstag, August 10, 2010

Companies do Social Media, but most fail to deliver the 'Social' part of Social Media

A Wildfire PR study (18 pg, PDF) finds: While over 90% of the companies had a presence on two or more social networks, only a small minority were actually using social media to engage.

From the Executive Summary:

Nearly all (90%) of the tech companies in our study had a presence on two or more social networks. Twitter was the most popular, being adopted by 74% of brands in our study, followed closely by LinkedIn (72%), with Facebook lagging far behind, with just 20% of tech companies having a Facebook page. Just under half of the companies in our study (48%) had a blog.

Old ‘push marketing’ techniques prevail

However, our study confirmed that, with some notable exceptions, brands are largely using social media to push out marketing messages and corporate content: 60% of companies with a Facebook page used it purely as a distribution channel, 57% of companies with a Twitter account used it solely for one-way marketing activity and only 25% of blogs received comments on a regular basis.

66% of Facebook pages in our study received comments from users, with each comment presenting an opportunity to engage and to build brand advocates. However, 75% of technology companies with a Facebook account failed to recognize this opportunity and left comments unanswered.      ...

Yet, only 3% of the tweets in the study were re-tweets and just 12% were replies. Shockingly, 43% of brands with a Twitter account had never replied to a tweet.

Download the Wildfire PR Whitepaper with plenty of tips for business use of Social Media (after registration)