Dienstag, August 10, 2010

One-O-Seven (107) Twitter Commands, Abbreviations ...

I made these long short list for a client and give all credits for it, to the thousands of people's out there, collecting and/or using them - and thought it might be good to sharing them with you. Many of these appreciations are generally used at the Internet, even Usenet, and long before Twitter was around.

If you have additions, pls feel free to add them under comments, TX

Btw., I included some German Kürzel (the client is from Germany), and I hope you don't mind.

Some Twitter commands

@username = Send a public message to user
D username = Send a direct message to the named user
FAV = Marks a person’s last twitter as a favorite
GET username = latest tweet of that user
STATS = Returns you basis information following, followers
WHOIS username = get profile information for that (public) user

Some Twitter technical abbreviations

DM = Send a Direct message to the named [D name, without @]
HT = Hat tip [@name] attributing a link to another Twitter user
MT = Modified tweet means you modified an original tweet before RT
RT = Retweet means you forward a tweet originated by someone else
RE = In reply to [@name(s)]
RR = Re-Run - repeating your own subject / tweet
PRT = Partial retweet means you truncated someone else's tweet

Some abbreviations used in conversations

2F4U = Too fast for you
2L8 = Too late
4U = For you
4U2C = For you to see
AFAIK = As far as I know
AFK = Away from Keyboard
AKA = Also know as
AYFKMWTS = Are you fucking kidding me with this shit?
b/c, cuz = Because
B4 = Before
BD = Bis dann
BFN = Bye for now
BG = Big Grin, breit grinsend
BR = Best regards
BRB, WBRB = (Will) Be right back
BTW = By the way
C&P = Copy and Paste
CC, /cc = carbon copy, Kopie an
CU = See you
CYA = See Ya
DAU = Dumbest assumable User, dümmster anzunehmender User
EOD = End of discussion
FCO = For crying out
FCOL = For crying out loud
FFS = For fuck's sake
FG = Fettes Grinsen (auch fieses, freches, freundliches G.)
FML = Fuck my life
FTF, F2F = Face to face
FTW = For the win
FU = Fuck you
FWD = Forward, forwarded
FWIW = For what it's worth
FYEO = For your eyes only
FYI = For your information
GG = Großes Grinsen (good game, gutes Spiel) [DE]
GIDF = Google ist dein Freund (Schau selbst nach, bevor du fragst, nervst)
GIG = Giggle, kicher
GIYF = Google is your friend (look it up yourself, don't nerve)
GL = Good luck
GN = Good night
GN8 = Good Night, gute Nacht (DE)
GR8 = Great
Grats, GZ = Congratulation
GTFOOH = Get the fuck out of here
GTG = Got to go
HAND = Have a nice day
HEAGDL = Hab' euch alle ganz toll lieb [DE]
HEL = Hab’ euch lieb [DE]
HDF = Halt die Fresse, halts Maul [DE]
HDGDL = Habe dich ganz toll lieb [DE]
HDL = Hab dich lieb [DE]
HF = Have fun
HT = Hat tip
HTH = Hope that / this helps
HGW = Herzlichen Glückwunsch [DE]
ICYMI = In case you missed it
IIRC = If I remember correctly
IMHO = In my humble opinion
IMNSHO = In my not so humbled opinion
IMO = In my opinion
IRL = In real life
JFGI = Just fucking Google it
JK, J/K = Just kidding
kA = Keine Ahnung [DE]
kB = keinen Bock [DE]
kP = kein Problem / keinen Plan [DE]
LD = Liebe Dich [DE]
LG, LB = Liebe Grüße [DE]
LMA = Leck mich am Arsch [auch LMAA] [DE]
LMAO = Laughing my ass off
LMBO = Laughing my butt off
LMK = Let me know
LOL = Laughing out loud
ME = Meines Erachtens [DE]
MMN = Meiner Meinung nach [DE]
MOM = Moment
NP = No problem
NFW = No fucking way
NSFW = Not safe for work
NVM = Never mind
OBOPOFOM = Old Buddy, Old Pal, Old Friend Of Mine
OFOM = Old Friend Of Mine
OH = Overheard
OMFG = Oh my fucking god
OMG = Oh my god
PLZ = Please [also PLS]
QOTD = Quote of the day
ROFL = Rolling on the floor laughing
RTF = Read the FAQ
RTFM = Read the fucking manual
RTHX = Thanks for re-tweet
RTMF = Read The Manual First
SCNR = Sorry could not resist
SMH = Shaking my head
SOB = Son of a bitch
SRY = Sorry
STFU = Shut the fuck up
STFW = Search the fucking Web
THX, TNX, TX  = Thanks
TMB = Tweet my back [in the meaning of Lick my Ass or [DE] LMA]
TMI = Too much information
TTYL = Talk to you later
TTYS = Talk to you soon
TX, THX, TNX = Thanks [e.g. THX 4 RT, RTHX]
TY = Thank you
TYSM = Thank you very much
TYVM = Thank you so much
WTF = What the fuck
WTH = What the hell, what the heck
WULLNP = Wishing You Long Life And Prosperity
WW = Worth watching
YGTR = You got that right
Y  = Why
YW = You are welcome

Of course, there are a lot more abbreviations used on Twitter, you might want to check Twittonary.com or remember GIDF.