Donnerstag, Oktober 28, 2010

Building the new model: Tom Curley's Powerpoint

Curley: Newspapers Now Provide Only 20 Percent of AP Revenue
by Rick Edmonds at PoynterOnline
Revenues from newspapers have fallen by about one-third at the Associated Press since 2008, from 220 m USD a year to about 140 m USD in 2010, and now make up just over 20 percent of the organization's total revenue.

The AP loses money on services to newspapers and effectively subsidizes those offerings with more profitable lines of business. But Curley said he was uncomfortable with continuing that imbalance indefinitely.

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It seems news business is moving on, whilst Newspaper fall further behind ...
Hat jemand der hier mitliest Zahlen zu Umsätzen nach Kundenstruktur und Erlösmodellen deutscher Nachrichtendienste? dpa, dapd, ... plz help