Mittwoch, Dezember 22, 2010

20 Years ago: Bill Gates: "Information at Your Fingertips" Keynote - Comdex/Fall 1990

On my 10th Visit to Comdex / Comdex/Fall, Las Vegas - from the Hilton Hotel Parkdeck, different Hotels and Convention Centre Bill Gates delivered on November 12, 1990 his famous Keynote titled "Information at Your Fingertips" - interesting to hear Bill's vision from 20 years ago.

His updated "Information at Your Fingertips" keynote from Comdex/Fall 1995 is widely available, so even this Clip (digitized from a VHS Video) is in low quality, I think it is worthwhile preserving it as a document.

(As sevenload is closing down for UGC on February 28, 2013, I upload the Vid to Youtube)