Dienstag, Dezember 07, 2010

About.com moves into B2B: launched 50 Industrie & Trade Channels

In addition to About.com consumer-oriented around 70,000, including autos, entertainment, sports and recreation, style and video games, About.com is trying again to get into B2B.

About.com, a subsidiary of The New York Times Co., announced Monday the launch of About Industry & Trade B2B Channels providing businesses with information and analytics in 50 sectors.
The company said the site will provide users with insight and information from some of the largest industries, including media, construction, aviation, energy and others.

"In addition to our internal analytics tools, we looked at each industry's competitive landscape, revenue projections and demographics to help narrow our focus," Michael Daecher, senior vice president of content and guide operations, said in a statement. "Each industry Web site will lead the online conversation, helping professionals with content they are seeking that can improve their business."
via Businessweek.com  | Link to About's B2B Channel