Dienstag, Dezember 28, 2010

Ausgewählte Tweets 18. - 27. Dezember 2010

Ukraine entwickelt sich zum bedeutenden Exporteur von Software-/IT-Dienstleistungen. 2010: 1 Mrd USD, eine Verdoppelung http://bit.ly/egsWKH

Jeremy predicts 2011, as the Year of The Media Apps @loosewire http://is.gd/jy3EJ But he is wrong with "people like to pay for information"

@PBSMediaShift: Online Censorship Grows in 2010, Showing Power of Netizens: Despite some good PR for online... http://to.pbs.org/fxeuGC

@davewiner: A good new years resolution for the tech press is to be aggressive on behalf of the users & stop playing footsie with vendors

@EthanZ Excellent summary of the @berkmancenter DDoS/Human Rights paper in PCMag: http://is.gd/jfrXk

@MichaelKroker #Xing waves adios to Spain… and Turkey - http://bit.ly/hisULd

@gutjahr DWDL's @lueckerath zur Verleger-Kritik an der "Tagesschau"-App: http://gutja.de/hZij0l

ECC: Social Media im (Einzel-)Handel – Leitfaden für kleine und mittlere Unternehmen veröffentlicht (40 S., PDF) http://bit.ly/huoKbL

Steve Wozniak on the FCC and Internet freedom http://oreil.ly/gZ1rZQ Video clip: http://youtu.be/rGjKrEHRsFM

@mashable 10 Predictions for the News Media in 2011 by Vadim Lavrusik http://on.mash.to/eK10WO

MT @nsight: McKinsey Research on Collaboration Within the Networked Enterprise http://bit.ly/hGn0Il

Guardian.co.uk Data Store: Data journalism central on http://www.newslab.org/2010/12/17/data-journalism-centra/

How to get your B2B company to use social media - Social Media ROI Part 1 with Paul Dunay, Lauren McCadney, Rob Fuggetta http://is.gd/j3dAU

@ccoc: WSJ.com - Your Apps Are Watching You http://on.wsj.com/dM0Tvc Please leave Internet / Mobile now!

The almost forgotten eReader: Web-Browser. Google, Amazon Bring eBooks to the Masses at Mediashift http://is.gd/iWidw