Freitag, Juli 22, 2011

Ausgewählte Tweets 16. - 22. Juli 2011

MT @toc: Is the internet making journalism better or worse? The answer is YES — Tech News and Analysis

RT @Datamatics_pub: unser Nearshoring-Team in Banja Luka (BiH) bietet jetzt auch Copyediting 3 [ein Partner]

Scribd Creates a Paid News Site: Float, the digital newsstand, is the latest ... NYtimes

75 of the Best B2B Facebook Marketing Tips collected by Jeffrey L. Cohen

@DStartups manager magazin: studiVZ-Verkauf gescheitert. Goldman Sachs findet keinen Käufer für VZ-Gruppe

Event: Asia-Pacific Week | Asien-Pazifik-Wochen 2011: 6. - 17. Sept, Berlin

@PublishersWkly: CleanSlate2011: iPads, Tablets and the App'lification of Consumer Tech

Folio 's Top Tech: Publishing Execs Identify the Technologies Making the Biggest Impact ...

2010 China's publishing industry grows 19 % to 196.7 bn USD. Digital publishing up 31.6%, share of total 23.3% (GAPP)

Goodby to Bricks and Mortar: People love bookstores, but not enough to buy the books /via @intlifemag

Media's ageing audiences: Viewers ... readers are ageing fast. Oddly, media companies don’t regard that as a catastrophe

@mikeshatzkin Publishers Launch Conferences “eBooks Around the World”+“Children’s Publishing Goes Digital” FFM 10/11.Oct

Google’s Eric Schmidt: “Our competitors aren’t innovating, they’re responding with lawsuits” TNW

Spannende Experimente: Aldi, Lidl und Schlecker auf neuen Werbepfaden - nur nicht für das Geschäftsmodell Tageszeitungen

Reports: Reader’s Digest, Wenner Media Up For Sale. RDA seeking $1 billion (Folio/WSJ)

Future: US print title will be closed to transform US into a "primarily digital operation" for iPad and tablet devices

India: Advertising growth takes a break amid slowdown [2008 - 2011 Graph] Business Standard /via @MarketingEds

Facebook Is Getting Into the News Business Will publishers Like the leverage Facebook offers them

Why publishers, even B2B publisher need [to welcome] early adopters, annoying or not @johnbethune @maureenalley

Dumm gelaufen: Internet macht vielleicht doch nicht dumm ... von Gianna-Carina Grün auf