Freitag, Juli 29, 2011

Ausgewählte Tweets 23. - 29. Juli 2011

@MrMagazine 's Magazine Innovation Center presents ACT II: “The Future of the Printed Word in a Digital Age”, 26/28 Oct

@HolgerSchmidt Lesenswert: Realtime and the evolution of the news story.

MT @StKonrath: Amazon announces digital video license agreement with NBCUniversal, allows Amazon Prime Members to Stream

Reed Elsevier, owner of the LexisNexis database, Sales Decline Amid ‘Difficult’ Ad Market

FairSearch Study: Google Overestimated Its Economic Impact by far Could be negative.. conflicting interests, or genuine

mCommerce in Europe: Poland leads with 55 % of mobile Internet user. Germany bottom of class with 7 %

Meredith Corp./ Atlantic Group (Kyiv, Ukraine) partner for a new online women's network in CEE (Promo Vid)

@kohlibri_de: Wer weiß den Preis? Deutsche eBooks haben die falschen Preise und werden daher nicht verkauft...

3. VDZ Dialogmarketing-Tag 2011: Die Zukunft des Dialogmarketing 24/25.08. HH Ob klassisches DM die Kurve kriegt?

The NYtimes paywall is working, because marketing has been successful in telling such a paywall exists... @felixsalmon

(everything has been just great for Airbnb...) they’ve been cloned by the Germans, which is always a mark of success

Don't want to wait for Google+ for Business? Don't panic, learn about 'Facebook for Business'

Der Arbeitskreis Elektronisches Publizieren schreibt AKEP Award 2011 aus. Online-Bewerbungen ab 1. 08. (bis 30.09.) Mehr

By Invitation: Thoughts on The News Industry and the Future of News ... a three week project | The Economist

@rossdawson: Interesting analysis from Wired on how Apple's content sales restrictions could bolster Amazon,Flipboard

@foliomag: Meredith guarantees print ROI for magazine advertisers, offers free space if goals not met.

@tazgezwitscher: Die drei US #Ratingagenturen haben ihre Legitimität verloren, sagt Guan Jianzhong #Dagong #China

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has topped the Guardian's annual listing of the 100 most influential people in UK media

Studie von Horváth&Partners: Produktionsstandort CEE attraktiver denn je. Optimierungspotenzial bei Steuerung, Vertrieb

DPRG: Neues Positionspapier Kommunikations-Controlling (28 S., PDF)

Facebook Investor Roger McNamee Explains Why Social Is Over - Where to invest next (Video 10:00 min) @sai HT @nico

China Advertising: Total Value 2010: 37 Mrd. € + 22,5%; Online adv.+ 87%, Print media +17,8%, Broadcast TV +15,2%