Freitag, Juli 01, 2011

Ausgewählte Tweets 26. Juni - 1. Juli 2011

The Evolution of Communication: Social Media Engagement @ EMC

@mediabrief: New article on digital display ads: How to make display ad campaigns go further with remarketing ein Projekt der Hochschule Darmstadt via

Die Ehe zwischen Online und B2B ist im Himmel längst geschlossen, mache Erdlinge tun sich damit noch sehr schwer

Overall media and marketing M&A grows (Deals +3% Value +15%), but B2B sector is 'uneventful' (Deals -65%, Value -74%)

Online Video Shifts to Primetime Viewing - Is the New Prime Time Web Video Time? (Yahoo study)

GfK MRI Digital Update: Owners of eReaders/Tablets Are Heavy Readers of Print Mags and News, Womans like eReader (Video)

Brazil, Other Developing Markets Included in 2011 Global Ranking of Publishers ...

Why media execs should tweet: advice from 4 tweeting CEOs @alanmeckler @danielrmccarthy @Dnussbaum @jeffdebalko

@hjjauch (GF Oldenbourg Industrieverlag) testet Selfpublishing: Buchhandel wird zum Showroom für digitale... buchreport

2015 werden in Südkorea alle Schulbücher+Unterrichtsmaterialen online über diverse Endgeräte abrufbar sein Und in DE?

Industrial Marketers: Compared to 2010, how will you spending on marketing channels change in 2011? [CHART]

The Rise and Inglorious Fall of Myspace Murdoch bought Intermix Media / MySpace for $580m, sold MySpace for $35

@foliomag Studies take a look at app vs. browser inflection point.

#VDL2011: Lang hat Hans Werner Kilz [sorry, es war Bernhard Pörksen] geziert, aber dann musste es (auf Anfrage) raus: Qualitätsjournalismus gibt es nur auf Holz (Livestream)

@MSpeers Taxonomy: What media professionals need to know

R.I.P. Apps As News (2008 – 2011) - damn hard for news media to get people excited for yet another emerging app

eReaders are outpacing tablets by a rapidly widening margin, both are far behind other devices like Cell phone, PCs ...

@paulbradshaw: Four weeks later, Four lessons I've learnt about using Facebook for journalism

@tobesocialDE: Social Media Marketing: #Banken wagen vorsichtigen Einstieg ins Web2.0 Manche mehr, manche eh weniger

Twitter for Newsrooms We like to help helpless professionals in news, TV, sports + entertainment use Twitter effectively

Pottermore: What’s in Store for Harry Potter Fans?

An 'Introduction to Gamification' by @Gamify