Montag, Oktober 24, 2011

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via / at poynter: It’s time: 5 reasons to put up a metered paywall by Bill Mitchell
Based on recent conversations with builders of paywalls of various sorts in various circumstances, I see at least four more reasons — in addition to the reduced risk to reach — to experiment with digital subscriptions:

1. The evidence indicates that some portion of online audiences — the percentages vary widely — are willing to pay for online content. Some money is on the table, in other words, and news organizations should have pretty good reasons if they’re just going to leave it there.
2. As news organizations continue in their unpredictable transition from analog to digital delivery, they need to establish a paying relationship with their digital customers – and not just their advertisers — sooner rather than later.
3. Putting a price on their digital wares is encouraging newsrooms to step up the quality — in economic terms, the new value — of the online experience they expect people to pay for.
4. As social media plays a larger role in the distribution of and traffic to digital news, media companies need to develop strategies that generate revenue without impeding the social networking of their content.
I still wonder why they call it "PayWalls" you've have to fight to get admission to joint whom you like, to get stuff you want ....  maybe it is the prevention attitude featured in this VIDEO

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