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Just in time for Christmas the new edition of the FIPP World Magazine Trends 2011-2012 compendium is now available. In digital format on Nxtbook (and PDF), on paper (Print on Demand) and (sometimes in January 2012) in Excel format.


It is the 17th edition of this annual monitor of the magazine media, reporting on 344 pages on 53 countries (five more than the previous WMT report), by regions and globally. It outlines the consumer and B2B magazine markets by country, incl. number of titles; number of publishers; total copies sold or distributed; revenue sources; sales distribution breakdown; top publishing companies; average cover price and average issue readership (where available); Internet and mobile penetration, plus eReader and magazine website listings.

The figures for share of ad spend and ad expenditure forecasts are provided by ZenithOptimedia. Global and regional B2B and consumer magazine circulation revenues are provided by PricewaterhouseCoopers Global Entertainment & Media Outlook: 2011-2015. Other data is supplied by national associations, regional experts, publishers and consultants. iMonitor provided information on app trends.

From the FIPP Executive Summary:

"The annual FIPP World Magazine Trends report gives local information on magazine markets, as well as an overview of trends around the globe. It is based on research from ZenithOptimedia and contributions from FIPP members, which include national magazine associations and publishers. Following the effects of the global economic downturn in 2008-2009, the world’s advertising market has staged a comeback, rising consistently each year. In 2011 it reached US$466.293 billion, up from $422.351 billion in 2009, and is forecast to rise to $518.19 billion in 2013, according to ZenithOptimedia. However, magazine advertising revenue and sales were hit particularly hard by the downturn, and are taking longer to recover. Adspend in 2013 is expected to be lower than pre-recession levels in North America, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa. Only the Latin American magazine markets of South and Central America and Mexico will see higher adspend in 2013 than in pre-downturn years. The second factor hurting magazines’ bottom lines is the growing digital space. Publishers around the world are working hard to offer content across platforms, especially tablet and ereader devices, such as the iPad. However, user adoption of these devices is slow in most places, and revenues from digital are not enough to make up for slipping print revenues. Publishers and associations are having to work through this painful growth period, because no matter what, a digital future awaits..."
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