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theMediaBriefing: Paywall Strategies 2012 Summit - Event Live

Live blogging - updated and reworked, February 27, 2012
THX to @all Co-Tweeter and Journalist covering the summit in London

As live reporting from the 'Paywall Strategies 2012' was destructed by poor supply of WiFi by RBS - maybe being to busy to explain its annual results and bonuses ;) -  I try to summaries what was on ... between the times I was fighting for online access.

Summit start around 9:00 hours (London). Welcome by @mediabrief @RoryBrown dampened high expectations of participants with "The most secure way to make money on paywalls is to run a conference (on paywalls).

Steve Hewlett (The Media Show, Radio 4) hosted the show with entertaining (for the audience) and teasing out question for  speaker - with little room for audience participation.

@propellermobile Re-engineering traditional media for digital has been a bit like "trying to make trains float" @steve_hewlett opening up

Patrick Smith reported on
#Paywalls12: Separating digital products from legacy titles

'Digital Product Development' 

Adam Smallman (Lloyd's List)

Slidedeck Llyod's List

Lloyd's List: our information is desperately needed for making decisions, now digital is 1st, future mobile-digital. We discourage (especially International) client to subscribe to print.

@neilthackray If you are a journalist who rewrites a press release and makes one phone call, you will be replaced says Adam Smallman

@psmith Adam Smallman of Lloyd's List: "the tyranny of print... it takes up 90% of journalists' time"

@NehaTamara The journalism industry needs more journalists who can understand data and spreadsheets - @adamsmallman

@sarahmarshall3 @AdamSmallman, Lloyd's List, summary: 'Print comes 3rd, behind mob & web'. 'Bloody fantastic content is our paywall strategy'

@remonaiw07 Adam Smallman " our #ipad app replaces our paper. The site becomes the archive"

@nehatamara Autosport will be launching a metered access system next month - Rob Aherne

Jon Bentley (Incisive Media)

Success is defined by great content, context and collaboration - to the minimum viable products, where the value is

@sarahmarshall3 65% of people who come to a site never come back. Therefore focus on your fans who do return, says @bent0s

@andyoakesJon Bentley of Incisive. "Sometimes Publishers do things because they can rather than because that's what customers want"

@NehaTamara: “The first priority for businesses is to understand the value proposition for your customers.” @Bent0s  

Jon Bentley, Incisive - online trial conversion over 10% would be exceptional...reality is lower but it works.

Rob Aherne (Autosport, HMG)

Slidedeck Autosport

Content has to be good (quality) - better than
Make changes, but explain it well - it's a moving target
Monitoring and Analytics

@neilthackray: rob aherne of autosport with 20m pv a month with 20k people online at any one time.

@neilthackray The 1 percent of audience that pays drives 11 percent of the traffic at autosport.

Sarah Marshall reports on
#paywalls12 – Niche content paywalls: three success stories LloydsList, Incisive Media, Autosport (HMG)

Tom Whitwell (The Times)

The Times has now 120.000 digital subscribers (and growing). For Tom this seems to be proof enough, that there are people who want to read the Times. Of course subscriber come more often to The Times Website, but this are fractions of Unique Visitors before closing the paywall. [The Guardian has 29.15 Million Unique User/month (Dec-2011)]

But Tom says, we are not interested in making some extra bucks with this and that, but concentrating on people who want to have and read The Times on any device they choose (and pay for it). The Times is happy with the subscription figures and reader's engagement behind the Wall is all up, e.g. 1,500 reader comments every day. If we genuinely believe that something else than subscription really works (metered access like the NYTimes), we will do that.

Btw., The Times print circulation is about 440.000 copies

@newsnigel: Average income of Times reader is £109k apparently - makes £2/week digital subscription easier to swallow

@journalismnews: Times stats: 60k iPad downloads daily; 10k new app installs over Christmas; average reader income £109k

Sarah Marshall reports on
Will the Times move to a New York Times-style metered paywall?

Addendum: (25-Febr-2012)
Times and Sunday Times digital subscriptions to double in price

Ændrew Rininsland reports on
Increasing subscription revenue through digital product development - Lloyd's List, Autosport (HMG), Incisive Media, The Times

Btw., I don't see so much value of Best Practice example for the rest of the pack. And the four speakers demonstrated that neither of them would like to (or could not) work with the 'recipe' of his other colleges. When I listen to 'Best Practice' I try to pick on things you can do better, things would not work this way for me (rsp. a client), but maybe in another way or for different objectives.

Marketing Content Behind the Paywall 

Phil Clark (UBM)

Slidedeck bd Building

RT : Phil Clark starts marketing panel. UBM began process to paywalls by capturing data through registration barrier.

RT @danielle_berg: @zerochamp - phil Clark of UBM tells of propertyweek's free to paid conversion - gone from 3.16% to 4.21%

David Shepherd (XpertHR RBI)

Slidedeck XpertHR

David Shepherd (XpertHR RBI) – WOW, he also doesn't like the term 'Paywall' Thx

Full paywall is like asking someone to marry you on a first date @oldshep

The value steps for B2B to paid: 
--> Inform, Interpret, Advice, Enable, Empower
--> News, analysis, insight, guidance, templates, bring into workflow

Open the (Pay) gateway to services for your customers and create value, content in our case is not the main value, we can, we should deliver "Invite them in, invite them to test and sample and to get closer.

@neilthackray maybe paywalls isn't the best word to describe paid content

@ukaop Charging for content + functionality + tech = 'pay gateway' says @oldshep #paywalls12

@neilthackray: #Paywalls12 @oldshep of xperthr launched in 2002 with double digit growth every year since launch.

@danielle_berg @oldshep shouldn't think of paywall as keeping people out, it's about how can you bring (more) people in #Paywalls12

MT danielle_berg: @oldshep of RBI talks about nurturing visitors through the paywall experience - welcoming them and offering them samples

Audra Martin (The Economist)

Slidedeck The Economist

Audra Martin @audrancy  The Economist has build a wide 'engagement ecosystem' around the free content and invite to join in for more

@SarahMarshall3 The Economist: 'We've doubled the content we produce over last 2 years'. Blogs count for c. 50% of traffic

Pricing Models for Online Content
by Jimmy Gasteen (Precursive)

Quite a lame presentation, always at the surface, no meat in Jimmy's talk. Two (not new) statements, one can't repeat them to often):
- Using print as the price anchor leads to wrong pricing. Look where the real price competition coming from.
- Discount should be a reward (for something the client does), not just for correcting a price to close the sales.

Paid Content Experiences from around the world

Actually, it was only a short trip around the world, from Denmark to Slovakia

Paid Content Experiences from Denmark
Mads-Jakob Vad Kristensen, Berlingske Media

@jmeijer: Berlingske media (DK): we are a Mecom company, and that means: a pay company. Als je dat niet leuk vindt, klaag daar maar...

@specmediashow: Danish newspaper: for single purchase articles higher pricing works better than micropayments

Paid Content Experiences: National Pay-Flatrate (but will be developed)
Tomas Bella (CEO Piano Media)

Tomas has very ambitious plans. The flatrate-based Paywall, with a single log-in, started to work in Slovakia (April 2011) and Slovenia (January 2012). He hopes that it can also works in larger, more competitive countries, if he gets at least 4 - 5 newspaper publisher to sign in. Lots of question marks, when the single Log-In fails even for one company and national co-op fail on divergent interest and the vanity of the Big Player.

@SahrahMarshall3: Feature for those listening to Tomas Bella at #paywalls12 -Slovenia's national paywall goes up: what the publishers say 

Detailed reported by 

Ændrew Rininsland on themediabriefing
European publishers boosting revenue with paywall subscriptions

Sarah Marshall on
#paywalls12 – Looking outside: five paid-content lessons from Denmark, Slovakia and Slovenia

Technical Challenges of Implementing a Successful Paid Content Strategy 

Ian EckertAbacus e-Media:

Slidedeck Abacus eMedia

Audience development unlocking the value of 'Big Data' to build and to development your paid solution according to feedback and monitoring of your clients

Paywall or Not To Paywall: Alternative Solutions
Greg Golebiewski Znak-it!

Slidedeck Znak-it

Developed the Monetizing platform Znak-it.  To develop a paywall is technically challenging, costly, needs lots of marketing to explain to user. But anyway, The Paywall is over ... Zack

Monetise your Customers, not just your Content
Duncan Tickell

For Duncan Content is still King. So customers should be monetise by buying content? IMO monetising incl. some very special services, tools and products.


On the closing panel: Madhav Chinnappa (Google), Benedict Evans (Enders Analysis), Tom Whitwell (The Times) and Neil Thackray (TheMediaBriefing) discussing opportunities presented and chances of realization in their companies, in the UK.

Ændrew Rininsland reports at themediabriefing
#Paywalls12: Times Digital director: 'I'd rather have a thousand subscribers than £1,000'

Neil closed with "Last time we talked about whether we should build paywalls, this times we discussed about how to  build paywalls.' What's on for 2013