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March 12/13.: Digital Innovators' Summit 2012, Berlin - Live - [Day 1]

More about the program | here

Live blogging - updated and reworked, March 14, 2012
THX to @all Co-Tweeter and Journalist covering the Digital Innovators Summit 2012 in Berlin
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Opening ~ tenish

by Chris Llewellyn, President & CEO, FIPP, UK
by Alexander von Reibnitz, Managing Director Print Advertising & Digital Media, VDZ, Germany

Moderator and Master of Ceremonies will be again Mike Hewitt (now Adaugeo Media)

Mark Wood (Future UK) starts of with a 'Strategic Overview'

- Future has 70 titles on Apple Newsstand, 11 mio. downloads, 5 mio. opt-ins
- Niches have some advantages. People spend money on Special Interest, even in bad times
- High(est) Hope in Tablets for paid editions, we make our own apps, 80 % outside UK.
- Making interactive tablet ads for our advertisers is a new growth area for us.

Future started as print publishers, now we are hybrid e.g. on websites, tablets, mobile, facebook and twitter ... and more changes and challenges are ahead.

Some tweets on Future

@pshibles  Woah... 90% of Future UK's tablet subscribers are new customers?!

@FIPP_magazines Mark Wood: "Making interactive tablet ads for our advertisers is a new growth area for us."

@VDZPresse  Mark Wood: "Every new magazine is a digital brand - through websites, tablets, mobile, facebook and twitter"

Read more:
Strategic overview of Future’s digital development by Marek Miller

Major, successful Digital Ecosystems and Publishers
with Veit Siegenheim and Noah Samuels (Google).

- The big 4 (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google) cover 80 %, and most new startups building their business already on this platforms/services.

- Google & Facebook alone control with 22% almost a quarter of worldwide reach, the big four 54 % of global digital advertising.

- The big four are disruptive - will continue to dominate

Veit's presentation charts are here (PDF)

Now Noah Samuels, one of Veit's Big Four ...

- we are one of the world biggest technology company
- we are the world biggest media company (e.g. Video)
- we are facing the same challenges and opportunities as you: Video, social, mobile, data.

Key to success:
1. Focus on users
2. Open will win
3. Never fail to fail - especially if you are a technology company!

Advertising has changed, Publishing has changed - the audience is in control and Google is here to help publishers to win  ... (all the way?)

Noah's presentation charts are here (PDF)

Three presentations on
Making Content Work
   Source: VDZ

Lewis D'Vorkin (Forbes Media)

Forbes is a social media operating system / a platform

Forbes Media offers social accounts, social share, presents comments (checked) on top of the page, subscribe and follow contributors ... contributors according to the audience the build (month after month).

We disrupted journalism, content business and advertising business - to be all social! We embrace user perception ...

Some tweets on Forbes

@StKonrath Lewis D'Vorkin: 'the world is about the individual, the world is about the change agent'

@FIPP_magazines  Lewis D'Vorkin: "Last month we had 30 million unique visitors at 100 per cent more than 12 months ago."

@petefield  Lewis D'Vorkin (Forbes): We're putting authoritative journalism at the center of a social media experience.

@StKonrath  Lewis D'Vorkin, Forbes: our staff decides which articles from contributors will appear, human decision making is still better

@VDZPresse  Lewis D´Vorkin, Forbes Media (USA) "about 25% of online traffic comes from mobile"

@moneill  "all of our contributors are incentive compensated. They are paid directly by the size of their audience." Forbes CPO. Amazing.

Great Job Forbes. Great presentation Lewis!
Hope we get a chance to link to his charts later!


  Source: VDZ
Terry McDonell (Sports Illustrated)

We had a great strategy culture, a forward looking editorial culture, but a lousy IT culture (concentrating on solving problems, but not on innovation) ...

Some tweets on Sports Illustrated

@mikeghewitt Early wireframes for Sports Illustrated iPad app - before they saw an iPad! pic.twitter/CV163hyK

@keithahern  Sports illustrated changed the culture of perception of the IT team from problem solving to innovation

(Presentation charts are still missing)

Stephan Noller ( gives an outlook of mobile content targeting

95 % of your website is not relevant to you visitors ... [but who wants adaptive web content]

What we ( are doing with targeted advertising technology, you can and you should use this technology also for targeted content.

Some tweets on

@VBM_GSchunk: Stephan Noller, "people are getting more and more used to adaptive web content"

@pshibles  For those interested in adaptive web content might want to check out @PerfectMarket

@VDZPresse  Stephan Noller, CEO, "content targeting doesn´t have to be based on personal information"

@herrfranken  Should we rather call it "reductive" behavioral targeting?

Stephans's presentation charts are here (PDF)

Introduction 'Digital Innovations in Magazines 
by Juan Senor & John Wilpers (Innovation Media Consulting Group)

129 pages, digital and on paper at

Digital-first is here, digital-only not yet!
We need more developers at magazines. One digital developer per five editors is a good number!

John's presentation charts are here (32 MB, PDF)

The editors' choice Digital innovations (Poll)

HEARST Magazines
for use of Luminate Technology

Sport Illustrated
for editorial digital integration and workflow!

Top Gear -
for its Total AR issue ....  the final winner!

Developing New Revenue Streams

Vittorio Veltroni from Mondadori
The fight is for time, trust and continuing habits and the product / service is never over. You are better off partnering than doing everything your self.

Vittorio's presentation charts are here (PDF)

Shannon Edwards (ShopStyle, UK)
How eCommerce and content comes, works together

Shannon's presentation charts are here (PDF)

Neal Sinno (Arkadium, USA)
Game Syndication Strategies - How to use Games

Neal's presentations charts - Syndication models are here (PDF)

Jens Müffelmann (Axel Springer) on
Going International with Digital - Growth Strategies 

kaufDA - innovative business model (early investment)
aufeminin - growing with a centralized approach
Seloger - utilizing expertise for new growth
Zanox - expanding from Germany to Europe

(Jens' Presentation is still missing, alternative check AS Annual Results 2011 presentation)

Presentation charts now online (PDF)

More by Marek Miller
International digital growth strategies for Axel Springer

Leveraging Social Media
- three examples How can publishers profit from continuing growth of Social Media?

Dan Hickey (Meredith)

Some tweets on Meredith

@FIPP_Magazines Hickey: "You won’t go wrong by engaging with your audience. If they’re giving you feedback, interact with them!"

@FIPP_Magazines Hickey: "If you want a share, ask for it. If you want a like, ask for it. Make sure there’s a call to action, and make it social!"

@pshibles Meredith's dominates on Facebook with over 60% share of engagement:

Dan's presentation charts are here (PDF)

Second, we learn about Social Media crazy Indonesian from
Svida Alisjahbana (Femina Group, Indonesia)

 Source: VDZ

and how Femina does leverage Social Media. In Indonesia 49 million are on Facebook, 19 million on Twitter, ... especially noteworthy.

Our editors in chiefs are now chief community officers

Femina Woman Entrepreneurship Mission (Indonesia has 39 million woman among 50 million total entrepreneurs, mostly micro, so).

Svida's presentation charts are here (PDF)

Tanya Cordrey (Guardian)
Guardian Facebook Social News App readers are young, don't read newspapers. 54% are 24y and under. Over 700.000 users.

Tanya's presentation charts are here (PDF)

Last session today - Kind a Happy hours
Katie Stanton @katies on Media in the Age of Twitter (Twitter)

Twitter Revenue: 1. Advertising "Promoted Trends, Tweets, Accounts"
Al Jazeera results: engagement 8.8 % for 92 promoted tweets

- End of day 1 - Blogpost for day 2