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March 12/13.: Digital Innovators' Summit 2012, Berlin - Live [Day 2]

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Live blogging - updated and reworked, March 14, 2012
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Interactive Advertising and Marketing
How publishers can increase revenue by providing advertising and marketing products and services that advertisers want. 

Source: VDZ
Andy Seibert (Dow Jones Content Lab & SmartMoney)

Talks about generating revenue by Marketing Services - incremental, efficient, profitable and repeatable. As Dow Jones is a content company, with expertise and trust, known for innovative offers, it's all about and around content and expertise to meet client's objectives (and workflow).

Some tweets about Dow Jones

@stephanscherzer  Dow Jones started a on-demand publishing business (fast and focused packaging of content, data and publishing knowledge)

@Marek_Miller  @herrfranken @hemartin here's a summary: http://customsolutions-aboutus.com/#home #disummit

Source: VDZ
Florian Haller (Serviceplan) talks about premium interactive advertising & marketing.
What agencies need: innovative, effective offers ...

1. Targeted
2. Relevant
3. Impactful
4. Involving
5. Convergent (options)
6. Effective, efficient and measurable

Florian's presentation charts are here (PDF, without video)

More on this session by Marek Miller
Interactive advertising and marketing by Dow Jones and Serviceplan

Determining and Monetizing Audiences - your most valuable asset

Ben Barokas (AdMeld / Google)

Is passionate about helping publishers win, by "selling out" publishers most valuable asset via an automated ad trading platforms. Btw., I didn't know that automated trading is the best way to monetize your most valuable asset ... ;)

Ben's presentation charts are here (PDF)

Gordon McLeod (Krux) on Publishing in a Data-Driven World

@VDZPresse  Gordon McLeod of Krux:"All media is becoming addressable; marketers demand targeting and now value it over placement and price"

@mikeghewitt  82% of data collected on publisher sites is harvested by third parties, not the publisher: krux figures

@VDZPresse Gordon McLeod of Krux: All media is becoming addressable; marketers demand targeting and now value it over placement and price.

Gordon's presentation charts are here (PDF)

  Source: VDZ

Ulla McGee (IDG Consumer & SMB)
Mobile Strategy and Best Practices to deliver
your services whereever customers demand and want to use them.

- Content consumption will happen on a wide variety of devices
- Information will travel in asynchronous ways
- Printed magazines will all but disappear
- Our customers won't be the same
- Appstore optimization is the new SEO
- Separate mobile team makes no sense; the mobile web is ... the web!

It's better to be wrong and magazines have a future, than being wrong and printed magazines go away ...

This afternoon of DIS is all about tablets, tablets, some web apps and Social Media 2020.

Storytelling for tablet devices (engagement and usability)

Josh Koppel (Scroll Motion)

Tablet usage, measurement and analytics
by Hannu Verkasalo (Arbitron Mobile)

Hannu's presentation charts are here (PDF)

Tablet and Web Apps – Development, Distribution, and Monetization for Publishers
with Georg Konjovic (Axel Springer), Peo Strindlund (Bonnier/Mag+), Andreas Hollstroem (Adobe) moderated by Joachim Stephan (BCG)

@FIPP_Magazines Joachim Stephan, BCG, Germany: "There will be 2.2 million tablets on the German market by end of 2012."

@mikeghewitt Georg Konjovic of Axel Springer: be ready for Amazon Kindle: matched Samsung in US tablet market in 30 days from standing start

@mikeghewitt  Georg again: it's not the mission of tablets to take the mature print business into digital. It's about new products

Last session for DISummit 2012:
Social Media 2020 - Challenges and Opportunities for Publishers

by Sree Sreenivasan (Columbia Graduate School of Journalism)

Inspiring presentation (33 charts)