Mittwoch, September 26, 2012

US B2B Tech Media Ad Spend Unraveled

abm released some data on tech media revenue 2011 (ITC) and share by category
"The size of the technology industry in b-to-b media"

2011 Revenue (in Million USD)          

USD 179.27  Print Advertising

USD 719,74  Digital Advertising

USD 109.44  Classifieds and Directories
USD   64.56  Lead Generation
USD     9.04  eMail
USD   67.70  Mobile
USD   76.74  Digital Video Commercials
USD 288.92  Ad banners / display ads
USD   47.55  Sponsorships
USD   55.78  Rich media

USD 899.01  Total Tech Market (excl. exhibition)

via/more abm